About Toku Gourmet Foods (New Zealand)

Toku Foods (NZ) Ltd is a New Zealand company owned and operated by Kristin & Glen Katu. The company operates from licensed commercial food premises at 276 Oparure Road, Oparure, a small rural community in the King Country region near the famous Waitomo Caves.

Kristin is the Managing Director for the company and manages the day to day operations of the business including, production, quality control and distribution whilst Glen looks after marketing, promotions and finance in the role of Marketing Director.

The company produces a range of abalone (paua) chutneys, pickles and sauces based on a traditional family recipe. The recipe originated from the Taranaki region of New Zealand where abalone chutney is known for its sweet mellow taste. Kristin and Glen are originally from Taranaki and whose families both made abalone pickle.

Kristin has developed her culinary skills following years of training alongside her mother, Betty Broughton whilst also learning about Maori food from her late father in law, Hughes Katu. In fact the Toku Gourmet Abalone Pickle recipe is a combination of Betty Broughton, Hughes Katu and Kristin?s recipes which captures the full flavour of the Paua in a traditional style sweet mellow chutney.

Glen has managed businesses for several years following 27 years in branch banking and is excited about the prospect of growing a new business for the whole family to work in and benefit from.

The company culture is based on traditional family values and operates to best practice to ensure clients receive the best quality product and service.

The company's vision is "To take our traditional family recipes to the world" whilst the company's mission is "To produce quality traditional food products with sensational and unique flavours".

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