About the Abalone Products

The Original Recipe

Toku Gourmet abalone products are made from a traditional recipe used by Maori in the Taranaki region of New Zealand for over a hundred years. Abalone is known as Paua to Maori and is often referred to as the ?fruit of the sea?. Abalone grows in many coastal regions of New Zealand including Taranaki. The mild and sweet flavoured abalone chutney forms the basis of all Toku Gourmet abalone products where variations are achieved through the addition of Maori herbs and spices.

Abalone Chutney

Abalone (paua) chutney is the original recipe used for over a hundred years by Taranaki Maori. A mild sweet sensation the chutney is a blend of abalone, vegetables, sugar, vinegar and various herbs and spices and cooked to perfection.

The original recipe abalone chutney has a wide application and particularly popular when served as a topping with cheese and crackers. Abalone chutney is also delicious when served as a condiment with roast lamb and mutton and also as a sandwhich spread with meat or cheese.

Abalone Sauce

Abalone (paua) sauce is a puree of the original chutney recipe infused with Maori Herbs such as Maori bush pepper (Horopito) and Maori Chilli (Piripiri) to achieve a mildly hot and spicy tasting sauce. It is ideally served as a condiment with barbequed meats such as Sausages, Venison and Beef. The sauce is also a tasty dipping sauce when served with bread and cheese platters.

Abalone Pickle

For the abalone coniseur, whole cocktail paua are added to the original chutney recipe to deliver a uniquely flavoured taste sensation in the form of Abalone (Paua) Pickle. Served with a selection of fresh breads, meats, cheeses and your favourite wine, Abalone Pickle is regarded as a very special treat.

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