A delicious mellow flavoured sensation

Paua pickle is a traditional recipe from the families of Kristin and Glen Katu with it's origins from the Taranaki region of New Zealand where Paua grew in abundance along the rugged coastline and the fertile volcanic soils producing
an abundance of vegetables.

Seafood was a major food source of the Maori with the practice of preserving food commonplace due to the harsh winters particularly on the West Coast of New Zealand. In the 1800s, European settlers introduced a range of spices and vinegars which Maori were quick to learn about and added pickling to the usual methods of preserving food usually dried, preserved in fat or using a process of fermentation.

Paua were generally pickled whole or minced to form a chutney. Paua pickle quickly became a delicacy and well sought after due to the sweet mellow taste of the pickle creating a delicious and exquisite blend when combined with Paua. The pickling process was also a relatively time consuming task and requiring some expertise to produce the finest tasting pickles.

The family recipes from the Luke and Katu families were passed on to Kristin Katu and taught to her by her mother Bettie Broughton and by her father-in-law Hughes Katu.

The recipes remain very much the same although Kristin has also added to those recipes to create a distinctive flavour very much her own.

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